1974 5 Deutsche Mark German Coin Ring

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Product Overview

This ring is made from a 1974 German 5 Deutsche Mark coin that was issued to mark the 25th Anniversary of the federal Constitutional Law.

On the outer band of the ring is a stylized eagle, "Bundesrepublik Deutschland" and "5 Deutsche Mark" with the year - 1974. On the ring edge are the words 'DIE MENSCHENWÜRDE IST UNANTASTBAR’ meaning 'People's Dignity is Untouchable'.

Inside the band is written "25 JAHRE GRUNDGESETZ DER BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND 1949" meaning "1974 25 Years of the Federal Republic of Germany 1949"

While the coin this particular ring is made from is mostly silver (62.5%), it also contains copper (37.5%) which in some cases can cause a harmless mark on your finger.  

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