Gothic Florin Coin Ring

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Product Overview

The Gothic Florin earns its name from the distinctive Gothic-style inscription on the obverse side. These Victorian coins were struck in Sterling Silver (0.925) between 1851 and 1887.

A very unusual feature of these coins is that despite a very large percentage of the population at the time being almost illiterate, the date appears in Roman numerals.

The pictured ring is made from an 1873 Florin and the date is on the inner band as MCDCCCLXXII. Along with the date is a crown and Victoria DG BRITT F D which stands for "Victoria, by the Grace of God, Queen of Britain, Defender of the Faith" The year you receive will be random.

The beautifully detailed outer band features crowned shields bearing three lions for England, a rampant lion for Scotland, and a harp for Ireland. In between the crowns are roses, a shamrock, and a thistle.

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