Ceylon Buddha Jayanti Coin Ring

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The Buddha Jayanti Coin Ring is handmade from a 5 Rupee Ceylon coin issued in 1957 to celebrate the 2500th Anniversary of Buddhism. Ceylon is now known as Sri Lanka. Buddha Jayanti means "Buddha's Birthday". 

This 5 Rupee coin is acknowledged by many numismatists as one of the most beautiful and elegant crown-sized coins ever made. The majority of these coins were returned to the mint to be melted down because the silver content became more valuable than the actual face value of the coin. The ones that remain now are held by private collectors.

This big, sterling silver coin ring features a parade of elephants, horses, lions, and bulls. Above them is a procession of geese, with lotus flowers hanging from their beaks. The inner band displays the coin's value in English: "FIVE RUPEES" along with Tamil and Sinhala characters which translate to 'Sri Lanka' and 'Buddha Jayanthi'.

This ring is crafted from a very large coin and can only be made in sizes 10 (U) and up. The width of the band is just under 13 mm. The rings pictured are sizes Z+2 (US 13.5) and W (US 11)

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