1893 US Half Dollar Chicago World's Fair

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Product Overview

This ring showcases a significant piece of American history as it is crafted from the United States' first ever commemorative coin. These half dollars, composed of 90% silver, were minted to generate funds for the 1893 Columbian Exposition, famously known as the Chicago World's Fair. This historic event, where Nikola Tesla unveiled electricity to the world, coincided with the quadricentennial celebration of Christopher Columbus's inaugural voyage to the Americas.

The ring's outer band features intricate details, including the year 1893, the tips of the sails of Columbus's ship, the Santa Maria, and two half planispheres framing the date 1492, accompanied by the inscription "WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION CHICAGO." Meanwhile, the inner band bears the inscription "United States of America Columbian Half Dollar."

Please note that the ring pictured is a size W (US 11)(EU 65), and the appearance may vary slightly depending on the size you select.

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